Alfa Machinery & Fabrication was created in 2000 and has been successfully doing business throughout North America for over a decade.

Alfa Machinery & Fabrication is a Canadian owned and operated business and has extensive knowledge in the manufacture of metal strip processing equipment.

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Our engineers have a wide range of experience in the manufacture of metal strip processing equipment and have manufactured many different types of machinery in this industry.

Some of the machinery we fabricate at Alfa Machinery & Fabrication Inc are; uncoilers, upenders, coil carts, roll former machinery and more.

At Alfa Machinery & Fabrication Inc we are dedicated to achieving the highest standards in quality, design and craftsmanship to give our customers the best product and work closely with our clients to attain the best customer satisfaction.

Coil Upender | Uncoiler Machine | Metal Fabrication Machines | Roll Forming Machinery | Flexicoil Air Cart